Apprentices are the lifeblood of the construction industry, and MERIT is there to ensure they receive the training, support and recognition they deserve.

Education Bursaries

The Education Bursary Program provides tuition refunds to apprentices for their apprenticeship training in the designated trades. We refund tuition for over 300 apprentices each year at a value of close to $250,000.


MERIT provides two scholarships to outstanding apprentices and presents these awards at the annual Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Commission gala.


While apprenticeship training is important, it is equally critical to expand the skills of your apprentices with additional training in areas such as managing people. Our training programs get top reviews for their content and instructors.


We love a good celebration, especially when it means we get to recognize the achievements of the people building our province. The annual MERIT Awards of Excellent showcase the skill, dedication and compassion of our members’ employees and rewards them with the formal recognition they so richly deserve.


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