MERIT is the Voice of Saskatchewan’s Open Shop Contractors

MERIT represents the interests of all open shop contractors in Saskatchewan. We work to ensure open bidding and a fair and level playing field for all contractors in the province.

You can be assured that Merit is in your corner when important conversations about the construction industry are taking place. Our advocacy activities include:

We are “plugged in” to the provincial political scene with one goal:

to ensure fairness.

Did you know….

  • There are more than 13,000 contractors in Saskatchewan employing over 50,000 workers
  • Approximately 85% of these contractors operate as open shops

That means about 11,000 employers and 43,000 employees benefit from the advocacy work that MERIT does to ensure the construction environment is fair for all contractors.

Together with our partner associations we continue to advocate for federal open shop issues through our national organization, Merit Canada