Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Members of Merit Contractors Association of Saskatchewan must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure their membership remains in good standing with the association:

Members shall comply with the requirements of the Participation Agreement, including but not limited to, enrolling every employee in the benefit plan, reporting all hours worked by each employee, and remitting hours consistently and on time every month.

Members shall engage in human resource policies and practices in which their employees are valued and are provided the security of a respected benefit plan

Members shall not engage in conduct or practice detrimental to the open shop industry, to Merit Saskatchewan, or to the good name or reputation of any of the association members.

Members shall not use any language that is defamatory in nature with respect to Merit Contractors Association or the products and services they provide in a public forum such as the media or social media. Members are encouraged to raise concerns with association staff.

Members shall treat other members of Merit Contractors Association, and Merit staff members with dignity and respect at all times.

These responsibilities form part of the obligation as members of Merit Contractors Association of Saskatchewan.