About Otter Lake

About Otter Lake / Missinipe

Also known as Missinipe, the community of Otter Lake is located 80 km north of La Ronge.  While the last 50 km are gravel road, it’s well worth the drive to get there.  Countless people make the trip religiously every year as it’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful part of our province.

Otter Lake is part of the famed Churchill River system.  While technically a river, it’s really a series of interconnected lakes.  Otter and the surrounding lakes are well renowned as prime fishing spots.  Walleye are the main catch of the day, with Northern Pike coming in a close second.  

If you appreciate nature at its finest and the peacefulness of “getting away from it all”, then Otter Lake is the place to be.  In addition to fishing, you can also 

There’s also a full service restaurant, public beach, boat launch, and fully stocked general store in the community.  Cell service is excellent, but we won’t hold it against you if you turn your phone off!


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