2017 Outstanding Project Manager Award Winner

2017 Outstanding Project Manager Award Winner

Kent Tolton – FWS Group

As Project Manager for FWS Group of Companies out of Winnipeg, Kent Tolton is renowned for the exceptional leadership skills he demonstrates on a daily basis. For the past 13 years at FWS, his positive attitude has served to motivate and inspire his team members to succeed. Kent is skilled at delegating the right work to the right people at the right time. He’s also gained the reputation of being fair and honest with everyone on the job.

Kent has managed several jobs for FWS, ranging from short, uncomplicated projects to large, very complex ones.  He was the lead project manager of the Grain Terminal Annex Addition in Vancouver, a two-year project that was the highest value project that FWS had completed to that point.  On this particular project, Kent and the team faced many challenges such as working within an operating site on an extremely small footprint.  The large crew, amount of equipment procured and number of sub trades was impeccably managed by Kent. His ability to delegate and provide clear instructions were key to the project’s success, and his passion for the job inspired the project team to work hard.

Kent makes communication a priority on his jobs, and takes the time to really listen and connect with his team.  These are just a few of the many attributes that make him so well respected, and an excellent recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Project Manager Award.