2020 Leadership and Mentoring Online Nomination Form

2020 Leadership and Mentoring Award
Nomination Deadline – Friday, March 27, 2020
$500 cash award plus premium prize package

Who Qualifies

Any MERIT Saskatchewan member

Any MERIT Saskatchewan associate member

Information to Include


Completed nomination form


Relevant pictures

Letters of reference

How to Nominate

All nomination forms found at meritsask.com/events/employee-awards

Use the online form for automatic submission

Email your completed form to info@meritsask.com

2020 Merit Leadership and Mentoring Award

  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • Nomination Details

  • • Do people on the site consider the nominee to be a leader? • Do others look up to him/her? • Is (s)he a mentor to junior employees? • Do most people respect his/her ability and integrity? • Is (s)he often the person people go to for help in solving a problem?
  • • Is the nominee part of a formal mentorship program within your company? • Has (s)he ever taken any mentorship training? • Why do people consider him/her a mentor? • What makes him/her a respected mentor? • Give an example of what (s)he does to mentor others/ • What personal characteristics does (s)he have that you think make him/her successful as a mentor? • If (s)he was your mentor, what did (s)he do to help make you successful?
  • Upload optional files. Files should be in PDF format or image format such as JPG, GIF, or PNG
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