2017 Trade Excellence Award Winner

2017 Trade Excellence Award Winner

Grant Hodel – Banff Constructors

Grant Hodel has been employed as a Carpenter Lead Hand with Banff Constructors for the past 15 years.  Based in Regina, Grant was nominated for his versatility, reliability and remarkable consistency for completing the highest quality of work. Grant is extremely skilled in all aspects of carpentry, most notably hardware and finish work, but his skills extend to mentoring other workers and introducing new ways of completing “fine touch” tasks to the highest degree of precision and workmanship. 

Site safety is also a priority for Grant.  In 15 years, Grant has never had a safety-related incident in large part due to his proactive thinking.   For example, Grant saw that some workers were using a table saw to cut some wall backing, which is pretty standard.  He took it upon himself to build a support table for a router to use for the job, which was much safer than using a table saw. The workers were able to work safer and quicker.

Quality of work, attention to detail, and commitment to the job has made Grant one of Banff’s most valued employees, and has also earned him recognition as the 2017 winner of the Trade Excellence Award.