2017 Office Employee of the Year Winner

2017 Office Employee of the Year Winner

Maureen Kugler – Asiil Enterprises

Working for Asiil Enterprises in Prince Albert for the last 10 years has earned Maureen Kugler a new title:  The “Cornerstone of the Company”.  There are many adjectives that Maureen’s co-workers use to describe her:  professional, loyal, versatile, capable and outstanding are just a few.  Maureen’s role at Asiil is vast.  From HR duties, to payroll and admin, to virtually any loose end, Maureen looks after just about anything that needs to be done, and does it all with the precision and attention to detail that goes beyond standard expectations.  As her supervisors say “she is the heart and soul of Asiil Enterprises.  Things simply could not run without her.”

Maureen is committed to improving her skill level and is always taking advantage of educational opportunities.  She has up-to-date CPR and First Aid certifications, and is upgrading her knowledge of accounting and payroll systems on an ongoing basis.  She is the office expert in WCB, apprenticeship requirements and the Merit Benefit Plan.

Maureen is an indispensible part of what makes her employer so successful.  However, it is her friendly and collaborative personality, leadership, and caring nature that make her an important part of the fabric of Asiil Enterprises.  She is an excellent role model for everyone at Asiil, and an exceptional winner of the 2017 Office Employee of the Year Award.