2017 Innovation Award Winner

2017 Innovation Award Winner

On-Boarding Team – TECH Electric





How do you make a great company even better?  Create a positive experience and establish a team culture right from the first moment a new employee is hired!

That’s what the On-Boarding Team at TECH Electric focused on when they created a drastically different on-boarding process to make sure their new team members knew how TECH does things and why they exist.  In reviewing the standard paper-based orientation process, the TECH team really tried to address the question of “how can we make the experience more positive for our new employees?”  What they developed ended up revolutionizing the entire on-boarding system for the company. 

This new and improved system for the company with offices in both Saskatoon and Prince Albert, includes several components:  all documentation is now electronic and accessible through the employee’s smart phone; all signatures are electronic; all employee information is filed automatically in an electronic cloud-based employee folder; employees have immediate access to the TECH Guide to Success that informs them about the company’s culture and values.  Most importantly, this frees up critical time for new employees to acquire safety training and other critical on-site orientation.

The new system was developed by a team of skilled and engaged TECH employees, all of whom share the recognition of winning the 2017 Innovation Award.  Congratulation to these TECH employees:

  • Brent Timmerman
  • Kelly Timmerman
  • Mathieu Gaudet
  • Wes Noon
  • Melody Siebeneich
  • Jeff Parker