2017 Field Employee of the Year Winner

2017 Field Employee of the Year Winner

Aaron Robin – Coram Construction

Aaron Robin is an accomplished journeyperson Carpenter and Site Supervisor based in Regina with Coram Construction.  Aaron’s skill as a carpenter is exceptional.  In fact, he’s gained the reputation as the “go-to guy” for advice on the tough questions on site.  He has a way of making the people he works with feel comfortable asking him questions, and they rely on his technical and interpersonal skills to ensure a successful project.   Aaron’s leadership skills set him apart on the work site.  It’s his everyday practice to not only give clear direction, but to follow up with his crew to ensure they fully understand their role for the day.  He’s committed to making sure everyone succeeds in their job, and that the project is built on schedule and to the highest quality.

Aaron’s safety record is outstanding.  He’s experienced very few incidences during his career, and is a champion for the safety of everyone on the site.  He’s received numerous safety awards from Coram, and is diligent at passing his knowledge onto newer employees. 

Ongoing learning is another trait that sets Aaron apart from others.  In the past 3 years he’s taken several safety-related courses, as well as the Leadership for Safety Excellence program.  This knowledge combined with an overriding sense of commitment to the people he works with make Aaron Robin a most deserving winner of the 2017 Field Employee of the Year Award.