The Merit Saskatchewan Story

Merit Contractors Association, founded in 1988, is the only open shop association in Saskatchewan. We provide human resource support for contractors, large and small. Our association is administered by an elected Board of Directors, ensuring that the direction and initiatives undertaken by Merit Saskatchewan are member driven. Merit Saskatchewan is part of a Canada-wide network of Merit associations and a founding member of Merit Canada. We are proud to support the open shop construction community, over 80% of the contractors in the province. We believe success should be based on MERIT.

Merit Contractors Association Inc. was established in Saskatchewan in 1988 as a non-profit organization. The association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of up to 15 member representatives. The provincial office is located in Prince Albert and is staffed by Executive Director and an Office Manager.  We also have a Member Services Co-ordinator located in Regina, a Member Services Representative in Saskatoon, and a Learning and Development Officer in Saskatoon.

Merit Saskatchewan was originally established by seven Saskatchewan contractors (a combination of generals, mechanical and electrical) to promote open shop contracting. Since then, our membership has expanded significantly to over 300 companies. Our members include contractors from virtually every segment of the industry from general contractors to the various sub-contractors to road builders and heavy equipment operators. The force that binds these various contractors together is their commitment to the Merit philosophy and their desire to provide the best for their employees.