About the Education Bursary

About the Education Bursary

Meeting on a construction siteThe Education Bursary Program was developed to assist field employees in their education by providing a bursary for apprenticeship training.  

Field employees enrolled in one of the SATCC’s designated trades are eligible for this program.  Fees for upgrading or other types of trade and safety training are NOT eligible for refund.

Eligible applicants must be employed by a Merit company when they register for the course, and must return to work for a Merit company for 150 hours after the training is completed. Refunds will be made at the conclusion of the training, and ONLY if the applicant has passed the program.  For more information, please read our Education Bursary Policy.

An Education Bursary Program Application Form, transcript, and tuition receipt must be forwarded within 3 months of completion of the training.  To request a duplicate tuition receipt, email apprenticeship@gov.sk.ca and provide them with information about your course.

SATCC Approved Tuition Fees List for all trades

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